SecuRam Launches SafeLogic Xtreme - EMP-Proof - Redundant Safe Lock

EMP-Proof Safe Lock - Redundant Electromechanical

For years now, safe owners and safe manufacturers have postulated about which is better - an electronic lock or a mechanical lock.    Well today SecuRam announces that the verdict is in:  the best safe lock is the SafeLogic Xtreme.  

SafeLogic Xtreme is an EMP-Proof safe lock that is both mechanical and electronic. Yes, you read that correctly,  it is both an electronic lock and a 3 wheel SpinDialTM mechanical lock - All-in-One. SafeLogic Xtreme gives you the convenience and fast access of an electronic lock PLUS the protection and assurance of a mechanical lock. 

For everyday use, enter the code on the digital touchpad. It’s fast and easy. But in Xtreme situations, just dial the 3 wheel combination and you're in!  No matter what happens, you are getting your safe open. 

So what is an Xtreme situation? What if your battery is dead or maybe an electronic component in your electronic safe lock was damaged and you need to get in your safe immediately. Or maybe worse…an EMP Blast.

…If there is one question we field regularly here at SecuRam, it is:  "Are your locks EMP-proof?". EMP stands for ElectroMagnetic Pulse and deals with the concern that a major electrical event or attack could render electronic systems inoperable.  

So now when asked “Are you safe locks EMP-proof?”, we can answer very definitively YES. If we ever experience an extreme event like an EMP blast, no matter what the effect on the electronic components of your safe lock, you can always dial the combination to open your safe. 

The SafeLogic Xtreme is completely retrofittable and can be installed on virtually any safe. Ask your safe manufacturer or dealer about upgrading to SafeLogic Xtreme.


Bluetooth Connectivity

SecuRam, the innovative leader in the safe lock industry, has gone one step further with the introduction of Bluetooth Connectivity. We are proud to introduce the world’s first and only safe lock systems with Bluetooth Connectivity.

We are all familiar with pairing a Smartphone with a car audio system for hands-free phone calls. Well now SecuRam has integrated Bluetooth technology into your safe lock.

After a simple pairing and authentication process, you can control and audit your safe lock right from your Smartphone.   Just launch our Bluetooth APP on your phone, enter your code and provided you are within range of your safe, the lock will open – now just turn the safe handle.

Bluetooth builds in dual authentication for even more security. Because the secure APP resides on your Smartphone, you enter your passcode (or fingerprint on an iPhone 5S) to launch the APP, then enter your safe’s code. With Bluetooth connectivity, your safe lock becomes even more secure.

Convenience and Security…Now that’s innovation!


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