ProLogic Xtreme - a Redundant Safe Lock with commercial features

Last year SecuRam introduced the SafeLogic Xtreme - a redundant safe lock system that incorporates the convenience of push button access with the time tested reliability of a 3 wheel mechanical combination overide. The SafeLogic Xtreme, as it came to be known, has been

resounding success and is featured on gun safes and residential safes alike.

As we introduced this unique redundant safe lock to commercial safe manufacturers, it became evident that there was a need in the marketplace for a redundant safe lock with commercial features - similar to the feature set found in our ProLogic product line.

We set our very talented engineering staff to work on this next industry innovation and less than 1 year later we are pleased to announce the launch of the ProLogic Xtreme.

The ProLogic Xtreme uses exactly the same foundational design as the SafeLogic Xtreme except it incorporates an onboard color OLED screen. It is available in a variety of feature sets just like our ProLogic product line.

The ProLogic Xtreme is ideal for commercial, jewelry, high value corporate and business safes which require features such as:
-multiple manager/user codes - 2 Manager Codes and 28 User codes are available
-Time Delay up to 99minutes
-Single or Dual Control modes
-Audit trail - 500 time and date stamped events
-TimeLock and Holiday Scheduling
-Automatic Daylight Savings time management
-wireless and network connectivity
-remote programming capability
-and even the opportunity for Dynamic or One Time Use Codes.

The ProLogic Xtreme gives you the ability to meet the security requirements of your most discerning customers and guarantee access no matter what.

Here is a list of the ProLogic Xtreme models and their corresponding features.

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