So what’s new from the Innovation Leader in the Safe and Vault Lock industry?


That’s a hard question to answer in my first short blog post simply because of the number of innovations that SecuRam has introduced in the past few years. Many industry professionals are amazed when they look at the breadth of our electronic safe lock line to begin with, but then throw in the recent and upcoming innovative product introductions and it is really unprecedented.


You already know SecuRam as the safe lock company with the most reliable products in the industry, and the only company with a whole suite of fingerprint safe locks (for those counting, we have 9 fingerprint locks currently); and the company that responds to customers’ product development requests faster than other safe lock company in the industry. So what is new?


Well before we get to the newest of the new, let me just recap the innovations SecuRam has become known for:

1.  For those who have been in the industry for years, you have heard – for many years - the customer request for lighting on their safe lock. It’s a simple request: a light - so they can see to enter their code in the dark- or when there safe is tucked in the back of their closet where they cant see the numbers.

A simple request that went unheeded for years, right?


Well, after only two years in the business, SecuRam heard the request and delivered fast with the SafeLogic TopLit safe lock – back in 2007, way before other companies had “their arms twisted” to add this feature.


Not only did SecuRam introduce the first lit keypad, but they went one step further and introduced a keypad that has integrated BackLighting, with its SafeLogic BackLit safe lock system.


2.  How many times when customers are using a competitors safe lock have you heard customers say, it is difficult to change batteries because:

  • When I took the keypad off to replace the batteries, the battery terminal broke off; or
  • The battery cover fell off in my hands; or
  • I had to use a screwdriver and pliers to get the battery drawer out; or
  • Is the yellow sticker supposed to stay on my battery drawer to get at the batteries or can I take that sticker off?
  • I have to take the black electrical tap off the battery compartment first, or
  • Worst of all, I sliced the lock cable in two when I pushed the keypad back on those two razor sharp steel clips. And not only did I have to have my safe drilled open but now my lock is a very expensive paperweight. Argh!!??!


Well to fix a multitude of industry battery problems, SecuRam introduced the SureLock Battery Management system about a year ago. For those who haven’t seen this yet, this battery drawer is featured on the majority of commercial safes sold in the USA, today. A simple battery compartment that is locked in place using a lever lock, then when it is time to change the battery, unclip the lever lock and pull down.


Simple. Smart. Innovative.


Okay, okay, I started this short blog post by saying that I would tell you about the new innovations…but I have taken up too much of your valuable time just catching up on the less than new stuff.

….Next post will cover the new stuff, promise.

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