• SecuRam introduces an Audit Lock Extraordinaire! The ProLogic L62

    Last week SecuRam introduced a new safe lock in our ProLogic Series – the ProLogic L62. This is an Audit lock extraordinaire! This safe lock system offers a 500 event date and time stamped audit trail. Why is this a big deal? Other companies offer audit locks, right?


    Here is the big deal:

    • 50 Users,
    • Time Delay
    • Time Delay Overide Codes
    • Single or Dual Control
    • Ability to manage and control 4 locks
    • Maximum Door Open Time Alert
    • Battery Powered
    • AC Power optional
    • System Recover feature onboard (more about this in our next post)
    • LCD Screen onboard
    • View Audit on Screen or download it
    • To download the Audit just bring along your USB/Wireless Audit Receiver.
      • As long as the Audit Receiver is within 30 ft of the Safe Lock, a keypad command sends the audit wirelessly to the Audit Receiver.
      • No PC or software necessary to download and NO WIRES to connect.
      • Just send the USB/Wireless Audit Receiver back to Head Office to upload to the Audit Software


    Now that’s innovative.


    Oh and by the way, its priced right too.

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