"Fail to Link", what do you do...

Here is a common question we get in our Technical Support department, so I thought I would send out some info.

If you are using a SecuRam safe lock system that has an LCD screen and you come across a message on the screen that says "Fail to Link", what do you do...

"Fail to Link" does not mean the lock has failed, it means that the EntryPad can't establish communication with the lock.

This message sometimes appears when you first connect a lock to an EntryPad and is an indication that the lock needs to be converted from Analog mode to Digital mode to work with this EntryPad. An easy fix which I will explain below...

But more concerning for a tech: what if it appears on safe lock that has been operating fine and then suddenly can't open and reports this message on the screen:

Well, the message itself indicates that you are dealing with a communication issue. The means of communication from an EntryPad to a lock body is through the lock cable. So it has to be something related to the lock cable.

Here is what to do:

a. Disconnect the lock cable from the EntryPad and make sure that all 4 connector pins are standing straight up inside the "receiver" and not bent over or crushed.
b. Check to make sure that the "receiver" is firmly attached to the PCB - sometimes this "receiver" can come loose and slide up on the connector pins. Push the "receiver" firmly onto PCB.
c. Reconnect the lock cable and push it into the receiver firmly.

d.  Check for any nicks or cuts in the cable and correct as necessary by splicing and soldering

Now try your code again.

With the communication link restored, the lock should open for you.

You're done.

So what happens if you get this message, when you first connect the lock to the EntryPad?

Again this means there is a communication problem between the lock and the EntryPad.

In this case, what is happening is the lock is set in Analog mode and it needs to be converted to Digital mode. This is easily done by resetting the lock using a paper clip as follows:

Step 1: Disconnect the battery from the EntryPad and the lock cable from the lock body

Step 2: Locate the Reset button on the back of the lock body (directly below the embossed word "Reset", there is likely a round QC sticker over the access hole.

Step 3: Using a poke tool (paper clip or similar) depress the Reset button 3-4 times. This dissipates any latent energy in the system’s capacitors, and readies the lock for reset.

Step 4: Depress the Reset button and HOLD

Step 5: Continuing to HOLD the Reset button down, connect the lock cable to the lock body

Step 6: Continuing to HOLD the Reset button down, connect the battery to the EntryPad

Step 7: Continue to HOLD the Reset button down for 5 seconds

Step 8: Release the Reset button

Step 9: Enter the code on the Entrypad. If the lock can be unlocked, the reset process has been successful.

Note: If the reset was not successful, repeat the process. Be sure to HOLD the Reset button down during Steps 5, 6, and 7.

I hope this helps.

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