Safe Lock Innovation

Innovation...So here is a simple one…

Have you ever installed a safe lock on an interior compartment of a safe where the keypad on the safe door controls both the safe door lock and the interior compartment lock – so 1 keypad controlling both locks. Sounds like a great idea, but a wiring nightmare, right?
For the interior door lock, you have to run the lock cable across the interior door hinge to get to the lock which is installed on the back of the door, right? Wrong, well right …but with SecuRam’s StrikeBolt lock body, there is an easier way.

The StrikeBolt lock mounts on the jamb of the interior compartment instead of on the door. Therefore the lock cable does not have to cross the hinge (always a vulnerable and difficult point). The install job is easier and the long term performance will be excellent.

Smart. Simple.

That’s innovation.


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