The “Work Horse Commercial Safe Lock”

So in effort to continue to describe the innovation going on here at SecuRam Systems, I thought I would show SecuRam’s innovation of the basic commercial grade safe lock.  Every safe lock company has one of these:  KabaMas has its Combogard series,  LP has its RotoBolt Series, etc., etc.. 
At SecuRam we always take the approach a three pronged approach to product design:  First we look at what is currently available on the market, understand the positives and negatives of the designs and then we embark on the second step - the second step is probably the most important – are you ready for it? – LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER.  We meet with customers to understand their needs very clearly.  And then, and only then we begin the last step: Innovate and over-deliver with solid design. 
We begin the design process by listing all of the must haves and nice to haves from the customer, borrow the good design concepts of currently available product design, eliminate the negatives, and then unleash our design engineers to innovate.
So when it came to developing our “Work Horse Commercial Safe Lock”, here is what our design straw map looked like:

Have multiple users codes.
Conventional thinking is 9 users – we went with 30. 

Make it easy to operate.
In a busy commercial business environment you cant rely on beeps, braps,  lights or cryptic programming commands to guide you through normal operation and programming. So we added an LCD screen right on the keypad to communicate to you in plain English (or other languages as required)

Keep employees safe.
We built in Time Delay functionality (0-99 minutes) as a burglary deterrent.  Oh yeah and then instead of using those beeps and braps to guide the user through the operation, we gave them prompts on Screen like:  “Time Delay Start”; “Time Delay 1:15”; “Enter Code”, etc.

Make it “mistake-proof”.
Face it, mistakes happen.  People forget their codes, Managers change jobs and don’t leave their old code, people lose the SOP manual, etc.  So to help make it “mistake-proof”, we designed a great Recovery feature – so that the whole system can be recovered easily and securely.

Make it reliable.
Commercial safes can be opened 30 or more times a day, everyday.  To be a successful product it has to open every time.  Traditional thinking is to build a safe lock that opens 10,000 – 50,000 times (depending upon who you ask).  We designed our motor driven lock platform with 200,000 cycles in mind – and then we surpassed that.

Provide for Management Control
We did a number of things here.  Dual Control, Manager Code Only privileges, Supervisor Code functions and the ability to add or delete codes on the fly.
The end result was the ProLogic L02 – the fast growing and most reliable commercial lock in the industry

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