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Extended Warranty - SafeLogic Series

Extended Warranty - SafeLogic Series

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IMPORTANT:  The Warranty Certificate # is required in order to purchase an Extended Warranty.  You can find the Warranty Certificate # on your warranty certificate or in the email confirming your warranty validation.

The Extended Warranty will cover the EntryPad and Lock Body for an additional 12 months beyond the Consumer Purchase Warranty.

The following products are eligible for Extended Warranty coverage:

(PART # EC-0601A, EC-0601A-II, EC-0601A-PL, EC-0601A-P + EL-0601)

(PART # EC-0601A-P-E + EL-0601-E)

For terms and conditions of warranty please click HERE.

For further assistance, please call SECURAM Systems at (805) 988-8088.  

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