• SafeLogic C10 Direct Drive

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    SafeLogic C-10 D-Drive - includes 5" spindle + D-Drive DeadBolt - Drilled and Tapped
    • 10 codes: 1 manager code, and 9 user codes
    • 8 Digit Code
    • Enter a valid code, then turn the EntryPad to retract the DeadBolt
    • Unique no-twist cable design
    • DeadBolt is drilled and tapped to allow bolt extensions or attachments
    • 10,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery
    • 100 sequential audit trail with *C10 Audit Software and USB (*sold separately)
    • Enable and Disable User codes
    • Time Delay functionality 1-45min; programmable Opening Window 1-15min
    • Time Delay Override
    • Dual Mode and Dual Mode Override
    • Available finishes: Chrome

    C10 Audit Software Audit Software kit includes USB Adapter (Part # UA-1801) to extract Audit from SafeLogic C10 D-Drive 

  • SafeLogic C10 Direct Drive
  • SafeLogic C10 Direct Drive

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