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ScanLogic D66 - 30 Fingerprints & Codes, Audit, TimeLock and Wireless

ScanLogic D66 - 30 Fingerprints & Codes, Audit, TimeLock and Wireless

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  • Supports 30 fingerprints with our patented OneTouch fingerprint verification – 6 digit codes
  • 30 Fingerprints & User Codes: 2 Manager Codes, 28 User Codes
  • Support hierarchical user management with Super, Manager, Supervisor and User Fingerprints/Codes
  • Super Code programming management and control
  • TimeLock and Holiday Scheduling
  • Set ID01 to Master to establish hierarchical management
  • 1000 event date and time stamped audit trail
  • Wireless Audit Download
  • Programmable Time Delay 0-99 minutes; 0-15 minute Time Window
  • Time Delay Overide Codes – selectable
  • Duress Time Delay allows you to program the Time Delay value when under duress operation
  • Recovery Code
  • Single or Dual Modes
  • Enable / Disable User Codes
  • Can Control up to 4 locks and authorize user access for each lock
  • Standard footprint and mounting pattern, easy retrofit for any mechanical or electronic safe lock
  • SureLock Battery Management and AC powe
  • Can be paired with any SECURAM Lock: SwingBolt, DeadBolt, SpringBolt and StrikeBo
  • Finishes available: Chrome

PART # FPC-0601A-C-D66-II-CH

    * It is strongly recommended to use a lock body that has an internal status sensor with all audit locks (El-0601-S, EL0701, EL-0801) The resulting audit trail will then report lock open time as well as lock close time. The EL-0601 does not have a status sensor and therefore the door close time will be reported at the same time as door open time. 

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